So last night….. on the chair that I had beside Bessies whelping box….. the chair I was going to sit in to watch her have her puppies….. the chair that I had from my childhood that had been re-upholstered a few years ago….. that everyone knows not to sit in as its my favourite special chair….. Bessie decided that that would be the special spot she would give birth on!!!
4 healthy happy puppies!1 happy healthy mumma!

Our first litter! We proudly present to you Lovedale Bessies babies…
Special thanks to Lighthouse Labradoodles and Bessies guardian owners for taking such good care of her during her pregnancy.  We appreciate you all and love this journey we are all on together.

Note – All puppies and Mum are now safely in the whelping box and my chair will forever be known as ‘Bessies Birthing Chair’ 🤣🤣💜