Gut Health Program

Would you like your dog to have better gut health?

Better Stools?
Less skin irritations?
No smelly breath?
Shiny coat?
Clean Teeth?
Be on a more species appropriate diet?
Happier and healthier?

Gut Health For Your Dog

We offer a special gut health program for your puppy/dog that is designed to take the stress away from you as the owner. This means you don’t need to worry about any mess that may occur, getting ratios correct and knowing where to start! We will do it for you while your dog is enjoying a holiday.

For just $55/$50 a day (dogs over 10kgs/dogs under 10kgs), your dog will be safely transitioned over to a biologically appropriate diet that you can easily keep up once they are home.

Puppies/dogs will begin to transition to a raw diet which is based on Somerford Raw And Natural and appropriate bones each day. You will be given advice and information to continue this diet at home.

Your dog will stay here at Kaysadale Farm enjoying all the wonderful facilities, air-conditioned rooms, supervised play sessions from 6am to 8pm, plus all the love, cuddles and attention that all our dogs are given.

Gut Health Program Benefits

A minimum of a 7 day stay is recommended for this program. Benefits can include:

  • Better all round health.
  • Less dental issues.
  • Decrease in hyperactivity.
  • Smaller and less smelly poos.
  • Less anal gland problems.

All dogs taking the gut health program must be up-to-date on vaccinations and be flea and tick treated.

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