Qualified, Caring Trainers

Samantha Kay and Kelly Lancaster are qualified trainers with a current Certificate 3 in Dog Training and Behaviour through the NDTF – the only Nationally recognised canine training course in Australia. We also have our assistant trainers; Chelsea Kay and Emma Benjamin, who all assist in the training of puppies under the supervision of Samantha, allowing your pooches to become used to different handlers. This is a great asset for puppies going into new homes.

– All trainers complete further Canine education by attending many workshops every year.
– We provide lifetime support after your puppy has been trained with us.





Training and Training Packages

We are passionate about giving puppies and their humans the best start to a lifelong partnership. This means that we can help with you with your puppy before they come home to you by offering training packages of 1, 2, 3 months or more! In this time, your puppy will live in our homes , not in a kennel or a shed, and be integrated into family life, with all the noise, interactions and sometimes chaos that happens in day-to-day living! We give your puppy a head start on socialisation, habituation, obedience, impulse control, manners, lead walking, crate and toilet training.

Therapy and Facility Dogs

We are heavily involved in the training of therapy/facility dogs for a variety of settings such as schools, special education classes, nursing homes, hospitals, refuges and for people and families of children with special needs. As your requirement for training in the therapy/facility dog can vary widely, please call Samantha for more information on this programme and to discuss your needs for a therapy/facility dog to enhance your workplace or home life.

You can read a recent news article about Kaysadale Farm’s involvement in Maitland High School’s Wellbeing Centre here.

By helping you with your puppy right from the beginning you can rest assured that your puppy will be well on the way to becoming a stable, loving and well mannered dog that is a pleasure to own.